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Sometimes during life we have to deal with moments in which we find ourselves going through tough situationes that leave us emotionally unstable, maybe we have an overwhelming feeling of constant anxiety, or the sensation of being stuck in a depressive hole.

Sometimes we know exactly what´s going on but don´t know how to “fix” it, others we have no clue what´s happening to us, but we know we could use some help, the aid of a therapist to relief these these symptons and guide us through the path.

The last year hasn´t been very helpful to all these feelings, as we have had to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns, and all of the consequences these have left behind. Our lives have changed completely, leaving us kind of adrift, in the midst of this new normality.

Going through any of these situations is difficult enough, without having to edure hard times without the warm comfort of being home. It´s not easy living in a foreign country, and it can be even more difficult if we aren´t able to share our troubles with someone who can help us. Language can be an important barrier if you are in a country that doesn´t speak your native language, and seeking help can be postponed.

We tend to hesitate to communicate, if we think our message is not going to be heard, or if you think that you´re not going to be capable to truely express the depth of our problems.  At Globaltya Psicologos, we recognize that feeling understood and creating a solid, therapeutic bond between patient and counseler, is the base of any successful therapy process.

To be express yourself in a language you feel confortable speaking is absolutly essential for a psychological intervention with good results. That´s why we are offering the chance to have your therapy in english, as we understand just how important it is to express yourself comfortably and precisely, in your own language.

If you are living in Spain but your first language is english, and you feel that you are not able to express your emotions, thought and problems as effectively in spanish, but are in the need of an english speaking therapist, this is your chance to finally take the step.

How do we do it?

At Globaltya Psicólogos we first schedule an informative appointment, without cost, that will allow us to get to know more specifically the needs of your case.

This first consult has a duration of twenty to thirty minutes, so you can tell us what brings you to us, we explain our approach, giving you have the chance to clear doubts, ask questions and meet the therapist who will be managing your case.

Any of the psychological issues we work on in spanish therapy, can be attended in english, and in any of the formats we offer (face-to-face or online/individual or couples therapy/adults or children).

We are based on a comprehensive approach, where we use humanistic, cognitive, psychodynamic, systemic therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and all those techniques that experience and science tell us work.

Our therapies become active and different sessions, making sure that the patient wants to come to the consultation and leave with something new to resolve their conflicts.

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